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Spa & Wellness

Thermal Area, Massages and Beauty

Thermal Area

The thermal Area has a Water zone with different water massage areas, heated lounge chairs, Cold and aromatic showers, for more details please check the list below:

Facilities: our spa has everything you need to enjoy a great relaxing recovery.

  • Heated Pool with hydromassages
  • Relaxation area
  • Sauna
  • Experience Showers

Thermal area opening hours: Everyday from 9 am to 11 pm

Thermal area entrance cost:

  • 2 Hour Access: 10 € per person (for guests)
  • 2 Hour Access: 20 € per person (for external clients)

Special Offer: Guests who book in our official site will be able to enjoy a free 2-hour thermal area entrance per guest.*

* There is limited availability, so guests will have to book their spa experience at the check-in.


A part from the thermal area, our spa offers a range of massages that are carried out in our spa by a professional masseur. They are perfect to surprise your friends or special one. You can book this anytime at the front desk or sending an email at info@ebano.co.uk.

Body massages

Head Massage

It is time to relax your neck, head and face, getting rid of physical and mental tension.

30 minutes · 45€

Ebano Relaxing Massage

You are on holidays, close your eyes and relieve your stress.

30 minutes · 50€ | 60 min · 95€


The application of manual techniques routed to eliminate or alleviate the physical pains.

30 minutes · 55€ | 60 min · 110€

Hot Oil Massage

Provides relief and a pleasant feeling of well-being.

50 minutes · 100€

Local Drainage Massage

It improves circulation and activates the lymphatic system.

30 minutes · 50€

Water Massage

Different soft stretching, opening and closing position and massage allows the spine to restore its inner wave. Due to the absence of gravity the emotions can dissolve and flow freely.

50 minutes · 90€

Facial massages


A quick recovery after a long night.

30 minutes · 50€

Hydrating Treatment

Rehydratation of your skin after a day of sun and sea.

60 minutes · 90€

Must Rejuvenating

Illuminator, vitamin C and antiaging perfect for that special occasion.

60 minutes · 90€


Feel the pure air of the island on your fresh and luminous face.

60 minutes · 95€


Neutralizes the skin to look simply radiant.

60 minutes · 85€


We are all ears, tell us what.

70 minutes · 95€

Beauty treatments



Nails filing and regular enamel.

20 minutes · 25€


Nails filing, cuticles, hydratation and regular enamel setting.

60 minutes · 60€


Complete & scrub.

70 minutes · 75€



Nails filing and regular enamel.

20 minutes · 25€


Nails filing, cuticles, hydratation and regular enamel setting.

60 minutes · 70€


Complete & scrub.

70 minutes · 80€

Make Up






Eyelash tint.


Eyelash lift.


Dyeing + permanent of eyelashes.


Permanent make up (Micropigmentation)



Upper eyeliner.


Facial care treatments

Beauty technology devices

Celebrity Perfect Skin Oxygen

Make skin more plomped-up and glowy with pure oxygen special serums mask cream and more rituals. A perfect pre and post party treatment.

1 hour and 45 minutes · 150€

Magic on Oxygen and Vitamins

Powerful antioxydant Pro-age treatment with vitamins ACE which incorporate the oxygen to stimulate cellular energy. The skin become luminous moisture-balanced and youthful. Deep hydratation, radiance and glow.

1 hour and 45 minutes · 150€

Age renovation & Chromo Mask

An intense aging renovation treatment with retinol, which hydrates, rejuvenates tightens and stimulates ceel renewal. The chromo mask combined with retinol can give to the skin the correct balance and it increases the final result.

1hour and 30 minutes · 145€

Vitamins Ultrasonic & Cromo Mask

Age Renovation Treatment. The power of the vitamins in combination with the light and vibration of chromo mask to give the skin the final touch with the vibration of one or more colours.

1 hour and 30 minutes · 145€

Chromo Frequency with Mask Light

The Chromo frequency considers the skin imperfection as an inharmonious vibration of cells, which can be leaded to their correct balance using energy and so by the vibration of one or more colours. The innovative system combines the effects of radio Frequency to the Chromo frequency, giving a new balance to the layers of the epidermis and simulating the production of elastin and collagen. The chromo light mask used with other esthetic treatments increases the final result..

2hour · 160€

Deep cleansing facial & Ultrasonic Wave

Clear skin congestion, detoxify and normalize skin. Special designed for your type of skin:

| Basic skin care Chitosan

| Nutritive skin care Marine

| Purifyng skin care Algae

1 hour · 135€

Silky Hand

A rich, luxurious ultimate hand and nail treatment. More than a simple apply hand cream, it is a powerful anti-ageing treatment that helps combat all the visible signs of premature ageing. To be combined at the same time with different treatments.